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Live Crab or Lobster

shellfishWe have a fleet of dedicated fisherman and boats that supply us daily with hard earned catches, Many of whom have been fishing the waters of Start Bay ‘man and boy’. The swirling waters of Start Point, up to high cliffs of Berry Head, Brixham, are abundant with the highest quality, Brown crab (Cancer Pagurus) and Blue Lobster (Homarus Gammarus) found anywhere in the UK.

The remarkably different Male (Cock Crab) and female (Hen Crab) are full of sweet, tasty white meat and at certain times of the year the hens have an added bonus of a shell jam-packed full of brown crabmeat. Both the males and females are graded to size.

The lobsters are a bit more similar in both appearance and flavour, between the male and female. Varying from around 450g – up to 3/4kg monsters, we are able to grade the lobsters into smaller ranges allowing you to order a lobster which suits your requirements.

Crab Meat

crab meatInitially set up as a way of using the live crab that couldn’t find a home for, our fresh, hand-picked crabmeat is simply sublime and so popular we have to now buy in crab just to keep up with orders! We have concentrated on quality – superb quality crab, only extracted from the steam cooked claws, legs and purses (bodies) using only hand picking techniques, with no machine extraction used whatsoever. Leaving a beautifully sweet, chunky, wonderfully flavoured, crab meat for you to enjoy. For those who require an extended shelf life we are able to pasteurise the product, and whilst it still is a great tasting, there is a subtle difference in the taste and texture from the fresh. Available in a number of portion sizes, select from white meat, brown meat or those that can’t decide, a 50/50 portion with a bit of both. In our opinion (and that of a few customers) – “the best you’ll ever taste!”.

Native Shellfish

Our speciality is crab and lobster, but we appreciate that there are many other equally fantastic species of shellfish readily available from our shorelines. We have sought working relationships with the suppliers of superb quality, fresh shellfish from Torbay and the surrounding areas including producers of;

  • Scallops
  • Mussels
  • Oysters
  • Winkles
  • Clams

Due to the nature of the product we are unable to hold stocks of these on the premises but are available when pre-ordered.

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