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Who we are and What we do

Adam has been involved in the crabbing industry for 8 years, establishing AB Seafoods in 2015, with a view of offering the finest fresh Shellfish from the South West coasts of England, taking advantage of a prime location within a stone’s throw of the English Channel and in particular the famously brilliant catches of the Start Bay fisherman. Supplying primarily crab and lobster, we deliver around the UK, with vans travelling into central London 2/3 times a week. We have a passion for quality – only buying the freshest, best quality fish. We have a large vivier tank system to keep the product alive and healthy, allowing us to keep a plentiful stock to be able to satisfy our customer’s requirements.

But we don’t just supply live produce; we have our own HACCP approved crab processing unit, to produce the finest quality, fresh and pasteurised, purely hand-picked, white and brown crab meat. Steam cooked, it retains the beautiful flavours and textures, found in one of our most abundant/sustainably caught species in our local waters. A must try!!

We don’t just want to keep the European (Edible) brown crab a UK secret, we want to let others around the world experience our great product. We are able to export live crab and lobster around the world, with daily flights available to China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and more, you can have the live product within 24 hours of it leaving our tanks.

We supply to wholesale, restaurants, hotels and if you are lucky enough to live in the Torbay, you can always pop in an pick up a pot of crab meat, or take a peek in our tanks and choose the crab or lobster that takes your fancy.

Tel: 01803 550348 –  international +44 1803 550348